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 I love and enjoying sharing the Word of God!  As I share it the person hearing it or reading is being blessed even when they do not realize it or acknowledge it.  I am also blessed by it.   Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important conversation you can have with anyone.   The Lord died for the sins of the world and that includes all of us.  When He leads you to someone or He leads someone to you and He opens the door for you to share the gospel, please do not hesitate.  It may the time when that person could be saved or the person’s life may be called back that day and he/she will die from her sin but the Lord will hold you accountable for that person’s blood because you hesitated and decided not to speak when you had the opportunity.  

We know that God is a loving and merciful but we, as His children have the responsibility to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.  

Here are some scriptures and topics that you may want to share with someone… God Bless you and your ministry!!!! 


***NOTE:  Background photos are from different online search engine and posted by different individuals.  I always search for “royalty free” photographs but with search engines and different pages some may actually not be.  “You may share but PLEASE do not sell”… This website does not SELL anything!  Any Scripture Banners marked “EsteeC” are photos I personally took myself and you are free to share them!

Thank you…

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