It is because of His grace, that I am saved!

Founded: January 30, 2014

How MadeAliveInChrist.com began.  First, I am giving thanks, praise, honor and glory to our God for His love, mercy and grace.  If it was not for Him, this website would not exist.  He placed it in my heart to start this website and I am truly honored.  I have been thinking about it for awhile but I knew nothing about websites except that I visit some of it and more and more so after I have found the Lord in 2007.

But, God introduces people in our lives with different purpose and in 2013, when a friend introduced me to a Chat Room I had no idea that I would meet someone who is a complete ‘computer geek’, and that is not an insult.  I went to Christian Chatrooms and shared the Word with other Christian Brothers and Sisters, and it is a true blessing.

One night, as my friend Dory left to attend a church the Lord has sent her too I decided to check out the music rooms she also introduced to me.  It was quite late and I could not sleep.  I happen to land in a music room accidentally.  I was trying to click on one room but the menu dropped all the way at the bottom and by the time I knew it I was in a room with only two people in it.  They were singing and sounding really good and I did not want to just leave and be rude.  It was then I met two friends who just enjoying singing together.

As time went on, he mentioned something about websites that he had and I was truly excited and began to tell him that I wanted to create a website and let him know that I have tried before but I just did not know what was needed.  I had no problem with the designs but there were more to it than just a pretty page.

In 2010, after finishing my daily Bible Reading I was speaking to the Lord and let Him know that I wanted a website one day and what would I name it?  It did not take long, it was a few minutes.. When He whispered in my ears to open my Bible.  When I opened it, it opened to Ephesians Chapter 2.  So, I thought the Lord had me open it in that Book and Chapter so this is where I would find the name of the website.  As I read from the beginning, it was right there.  The 5th verse of Chapter 2, and it read “made alive with Christ”, and that was it.  There was no thinking of any other name.  It made complete sense.  I was made alive with Christ through the grace of God.  It was a perfect name!  I thanked and praise the Lord, and still do.

In 2014, MadeAliveInChrist.com domain was purchased and I began to start learning about websites.  My friend, took me to get ‘free websites’ and ‘free hostings’, and through that I learned how to build a website, design it and all the apps that I needed and all of them for free.  Soon, we got a hosting that we shared together and he continued to teach me what to do until I was comfortable enough and began working on it myself but of course, I was not concerned he was just a message away if I needed help and in many times he did.

I have worked on the site and took it down for awhile but now it is time to share it with the world in the hopes that those who come through here would know God more and through it they would ‘repent’ and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Thank You Lord for blessing me with this website, for friends that you sent my way to teach me, and for the many companies that allow us to use their applications.  Thank You Lord for everyone you will send here and may I plant seeds and may I water some and I know that You will make it grow.

I am grateful beyond words.


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