, Founded January 30, 2014

First, I give Thanks, Praise, Honor and Glory to our God because He is worthy of it all.  It is because of Him that I am able to share the Word of God with you.  I thank Him for the Grace that He has given me and the countless blessings.  I thank Him for blessing me with this website, and I pray that everyone who visits here would be blessed, encourage and their faith grows stronger in Him.  

M.A.I.C. is a personal website to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the One Begotten Son of God.  To God Be the Glory for ever and ever Amen…

How M.A.I.C. started.

I had been thinking of how I could share the Word of God with as many as I can.  Of course, I would love to be face to face with those I share the Word with but the world is a big place. 

In today’s time, many are Online and the Internet is being used for many things.  Why not use it to share the Word?  I know that there are many websites already in place but it would not hurt to do it.  

I thought of creating a Website in 2009, but I do not know anything about setting up websites and running it.  So, I searched and it seemed easy enough.  The next thing was that I wanted the name for the website that explains what this site is about.  One night, after my Bible reading, I was speaking to God and asked Him, what I should name this website?  The next thing I knew, He put in my mind to open the Bible again, and as I did I was in Ephesians 2.  So, I thought there has to be a reason why I opened it to this page when I had a divider on the Bible.  I started from the beginning, and it would be just a few verses and the NAME right in front of me.  “made alive with Christ”.  Ephesians 2:5.  I read through it and I knew that, that is exactly the name God wanted me to use.  But, that was not available.  With a little praying, the Lord blessed me with “Made Alive In Christ”.  Although, I had the name and the website, but it was too hard for me to really keep up with.  Therefore, I closed it.

It would not be until January 2014, when I would learn that I had a good friend who knew how to create and set up a website.  Praise the Lord.  He bought a website for me, which I used to learn “”.  On January 30, 2014, I purchased the website and that is the start of this website.  I was so glad that the domain “” was still available.  

Now, Let’s share the Word of God together!!! 

Praising the Lord!

Krystina C.