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Welcome to MadeAliveInChrist.com.

First, I give thanks, praise, honor and Glory to God.  It is only because of His love, mercy and Grace that I am able to share His Word with you.  He is so good to me.  I do not deserve it, but He is.  I cannot repay our God for what He does and has done for me, I can certainly be grateful by sharing His awesomeness.

God Bless you all.

Founded in 2009

How MadeAliveInChrist.com was founded!

I have been thinking of a way to share the Word of God, with as many as I can.  Although still a baby Christian it was in my heart to do.  I Praise God, for placing it in my heart and mind.

I had finished my evening reading, and I sat in the bed praying and talking with God.  I asked at that moment, Lord, how can I share You and Your Word with many.  I do not know many people.  I do not go out often.  I said, I can only think about sharing it online.  I wanted to create a website.  I did not know what I would name it.  So, I told God that I wanted a name that would make people see Him, immediately.  I have been thinking about it for weeks and I had no clue how to do it, but I am sure I could find ways to learn.  I suddenly heard a ‘whisper’ to open the Bible.  I do not know which Book however I took my Bible that was laying on the left side of me.  I immediately opened it, and it was Ephesians 2.

At that moment, I thought I would turn the page and see what would stand out.  However, God made sure that I read it from the beginning of the Chapter.  As I read my eyes opened and there it was!  Ephesians 2:5, “made alive with Christ.”

I was so thrilled!  I thanked the Lord over and over.  I have a name for it.

Eventually, I started looking at these companies that offers hosting and domain.  I am clueless to all this.  The only websites that I know are the ones already in place in the net by different companies.  So, I tried signing up for a few of them and I just had no idea what to do.  I did however find one at a low cost and easy to maneuver but one month later, I was being charged an arm and a leg.  I ended up canceling it.

Let’s fast forward, when yahoo chat closed, a friend of mine invited me to another chat network.  There was a Christian room, and I remained there.  There were people there that were originally in the Christian Chatrooms in yahoo, so I was comfortable.  It was sharing the Word and people playing Christian music, and some disagreeing with one another.  Soon, my friend found a music room and there I would meet a good friend of mine.  He is a tech and he always talked about his websites, but it would be 2 years later when I would mention about a website that I wanted to do.  He then began showing me and teaching me.

As I learned, we got free hosting and domains.  However, some of those free hosting was not very nice.  We ended up getting a paid one.  My friend always knew how to look for the inexpensive ones.  He bought me a domain called ‘posturthoughts.com’, on January 15, 2014.  We had it originally on a ‘free hosting’ but he ended up getting it for me.  I was and still am very thankful.  It is the website where I learned about website creation and building.  On January 30, 2014, MadeAliveInChrist.com domain was purchased by me.  It should have been madealivewithChrist.com however that domain was not available.  I prayed, and God said “in”, is okay.

That is how this website is finally up and running.  However, through the years it has been neglected because there were projects to do and I know God would understand because I am assisting a Christian Music Band with their promotions.

Now, I hope to concentrate in sharing God’s Word and sharing it through this website.

Thank you and God Bless you.