Founded: January 30, 2014

I give thanks, praise, honor and glory to God.  It is because of His love, mercy and His grace that I am saved!  It is because God loved us so much that He sent His One Begotten Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and He was without sin.  He became ransom for the sins of the world and that includes everyone.  Yes, even you!

This is a personal website where I would be sharing the Word of God, the Miracles He performed in my life and the lives of those around me, my testimonies and more!

My prayer is that through sharing my life’s experiences before I found the Lord and after would lead many to our Lord Jesus Christ.  I hope that you would know that there is something ‘missing in your life’, and you will not find it in anyone or anything except God [Father God, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit].

Our job as Christians is to share the Word of God with as many as we can!  God leads people to us or He leads us to many and as soon as the opportunity opens we should share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It may be a difficult task but it is something a Christian loves to do when the Spirit of the Lord is in him/her.  Does it matter that you are hated?  Does it matter whether you are called horrible names?  Does it matter about insults?  No, what matters is that they may not like it at that point, they may not be paying attention, or what ever the reason may be… there may be a time in the life of someone and they reach the bottom where they believe there is no way out, and they may actually remember what you have said to them.  It may be the time when it is so difficult for he/she that they would reach out to God and finally find Him.

There is wickedness, evil and sin in this world and the devil will do all he can to stop someone from finding God and that’s more of a reason for us to share God with the world.  Everyone needs God because without Him, when a person dies without repenting and accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they will die and leave this world but the second death awaits.  That second death, is ‘hell’, their home for eternity.  A place of endless torment, torture and gnashing of teeth.  There is no way out!

Let’s share the Word in truth and love but according to God’s truth and love!  Share the Gospel of truth and not lies!

Thank you for taking time to visit my website, it is appreciated.

God Bless you and yours!


It is because of His grace, that I am saved!