November 10, 2019

Praising The Lord!

Dear Lord!

I want to thank You, my Lord for never leaving us and never forsaking us.  We fail you daily but you are still there to bless us with so much.  You are truly an amazing God!  Your love cannot be measured and there are not enough words to describe your awesomeness but in our hearts we know how good you are and what you have done for us and we praise you for it all… past, present and future.  It is in you that I have my faith!  It is You that I trust!  It is You that I believe!  Praise You Lord and thank you for seeing through the current situation and I know with all my heart that You have already given us another favor for the upcoming situations that we are about to face.  I know that You are there ahead of us and we need only to believe and everything will be okay!….

In all things I give thanks with gladness in my heart, I praise You Lord with gratefulness in me, I give Honor to You because You deserve it and are worthy of it all, and Glory to You my Father in Heaven and my Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for Your Holy Spirit who continues to guide us to all truth…. I am so blessed beyond words!!!!